Michele Merler, Bert Huang, Lexing Xie, Gang Hua, and Apostol Natsev

Semantic Model Vectors for Complex Video Event Recognition

IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, Special issue on Object and Event Classification in Large-Scale Video Collections, 2012  [pdf ]  [bibtex] [project website]





Michele Merler and John Kender

Selecting the Best Faces to Index Presentation Videos

ACM Multimedia 2011 (short paper) [pdf] [poster] [bibtex]


Michele Merler and John Kender

Analysis, Indexing and Visualization of Presentation Videos 

ACM Multimedia 2011 (doctoral symposium) [pdf] [poster]  [bibtex]


Liangliang Cao, Shih-Fu Chang, Noel Codella, Courtenay Cotton, Dan Ellis, Leiguang Gong, Matthew Hill,

Gang Hua, John Kender, Michele Merler, Yadong Mu, Apostol Natsev and John R. Smith

IBM Research and Columbia University TRECVID-2011 Multimedia Event Detection (MED) System

NIST TRECVID Workshop, 2011. [pdf]  [bibtex]





Matthew Hill, Gang Hua, Apostol Natsev, John R. Smith, Lexing Xie, Bert Huang, Michele Merler,

Hua Ouyang and Mingyuan Zhou

IBM Research TRECVID-2010 Video Copy Detection and Multimedia Event Detection System

NIST TRECVID Workshop 2010. [pdf]  [bibtex]




Michele Merler and John Kender

Semantic Keyword Extraction via Adaptive Text Binarization of Unstructured Unsourced Video

ICIP 2009. [pdf] [poster] [bibtex


Rong Yan, Marc-Olivier Fleury, Michele Merler, Apostol Natsev, John R. Smith

Large-Scale Multimedia Semantic Concept Modeling using Robust Subspace Bagging and MapReduce

ACM Multimedia Workshop LS-MMRM 2009. [pdf]  [bibtex]


Michele Merler, Rong Yan and John R. Smith

Imbalanced RankBoost for Efficiently Ranking Large-Scale Image/Video Collections

CVPR 2009. [pdf] [poster] [bibtex


Apostol Natsev, Matthew Hill, John R. Smith, Lexing Xie, Rong Yan, Shenghua Bao, Dong Wang,

Michele Merler and Yi Zhang

IBM research TRECVID-2009 video retrieval system

NIST TRECVID Workshop, 2009. [pdf]  [bibtex]




Apostol Natsev, Wei Jiang, Michele Merler, John Smith, Jelena Tesic, Lexing Xie, Rong Yan

IBM research TRECVID-2008 video retrieval system

NIST TRECVID Workshop 2008. [pdf]  [bibtex]




Michele Merler, Carolina Galleguillos and Serge Belongie

Recognizing Groceries in situ Using in vitro Training Data

CVPR SLAM Workshop 2007.  [pdf]  [bibtex]  [slides]  [slides@ICVSS07]  [poster@ICVSS07]

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