Networking Laboratory (4140)

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Instructor: Salman Baset Office hours: Tuesday 10am-12pm CEPSR 720
TA: Jong Yul Kim Office hours: Friday 10am-12pm CEPSR 721
TA: Ankit Malhotra Office hours: Thursday 10:30am-12:30pm INTEREST Lab
Credits: 4
Time: Monday: 5:40-7:30pm
Room: CLIC Lab (CS 486) - DIRECTIONS
Laboratory Location: INTEREST Lab


March 23: List of projects and project guidelines posted.
March 30: To improve your class contribution grade, please contribute to the sections marked red in the command table.
April 28: Lab 9 report and prelab 10 due in the week of 4/28.
April 28: Final exam on May 12, 4:10-6pm, 327 MUDD, closed book, notes.

Lab report submission guidelines


Week & Date Topic Readings
W1 1/23 Semester starts from Tuesday
W2 1/28

Introduction to the Internet Lab [ppt]

Textbook Chapter 0 P1-27 and 45-71, Chapter 1. Optional IBM Red Book Chapter1
W3 2/4 Single-Segment IP Networks [ppt] Textbook Chapter 2, Lab 1 & 2
W4 2/11 Static Routing [ppt] Textbook Chapter 3, Lab 3 (p1-4), File1
2600 series router arch., Assignment 1
W5 2/18 Routing information protocol (RIP) [ppt] Lab 3 (p5-7) RFC 2453, tutorial
W6 2/25 Open shortest path first (OSPF) [ppt] Lab 4 (p1-4) RFC2328 , OSPF tutorial, Assignment 2
W7 3/3 Border gateway protocol (BGP), TCP and UDP [ppt] Lab 4 (p5-8), BGP tutorialRFC 1771 , RFC 2581
W8 3/10 Midterm exam (sample questions) Lab 5
W9 Spring break
W10 3/24 Bridges and Spanning Tree Protocol [ppt] Optional: Linux packet reception
W11 3/31 NAT, DHCP [ppt] Lab 6 Optional: UDP/TCP hourglass, IETF BEHAVE WG, NAT RFC, NAPT, RFC 4787
W12 4/7 DNS [ppt] Lab 7
W13 4/14 SNMP [ppt] Lab 8 IBM Red Book Chapter 15, Intro to ASN
W14 4/21 IP Multicast [ppt] Lab 9
W15 4/28 Click Software Router / XORP [ppt] Lab 10
W16 5/5 Project Presentations
W17 5/12 Final Exam 4:10-6pm, 327 MUDD (sample questions) Labs 3, 4, 6-10 and relevant lecture notes.

Course Text

Required TextBook: Mastering Networks: An Internet Lab Manual by Jorg Lieberherr, University of Virginia; Magda El Zarki, University of California, Irvine.
ISBN: 0-201-78134-4. Publisher: Addison-Wesley. Copyright: 2004.
Sample Chapters and more info at the authors' Web Site
The book is available at Columbia University Bookstore, Amazon, Bookpool
Student Resources
from Addison Wesley and book errata.
Required TextBook: TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview, IBM Redbook by A.Rodriguez, J. Gatrell, J. Karas, R.Peschke. (PDF)

Sample Book Chapters from the authors' Web Site: