Networking Laboratory (4140)

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Course Description

In this course, students will learn how to put "principles into practice," in a hands-on-networking lab course. We will cover the technologies and protocols of the Internet using equipment currently available to large Internet service providers such as CISCO routers and end-systems. A set of laboratory experiments will provide hands-on experience with engineering wide-area networks and will familiarize students with the Internet Protocol (IP), Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), the Domain Name System (DNS), routing protocols (RIP, OSPF, BGP), network management protocols (SNMP), and application-level protocols (FTP, TELNET, SMTP).

The labs are due at a rate of roughly one lab per week. The Prelabs are to be completed as individual work, though discussion of issues, principles and background material for the assignment will be discussed. A short pre-lab Q&A, as well as lab write-ups, are required for each lab.

Course Objectives

  1. Comprehend fundamental design principles of Internet Protocols, IP addresses, and IP networks, including routing and forwarding.
  2. Comprehend advanced Internet protocol technologies including network management, domain name system, network address translation, network management, and multicast.
  3. Apply understanding of Internet protocols by analyzing, evaluating, and improving actual network configurations of IP routers and Internet enables hosts.


COMS 4119 (Computer Networks) or other recent networking course, ELEN4710, ELEN6761 or Instructor's permission

Grading and Late Policies

  • Pre-lab questions: 20%
  • Lab Reports: 40%
  • Midterm: 15%
  • Final Exam: 15%
  • Class Participation: 5%
  • Lab Participation: 5%
  • Optional Project (instead of final exam): 15%

Pre-lab questions MUST be completed invidually. The lab reports will be submitted as a group. Pre-lab questions and group lab-reports must be submitted electronically through courseworks.

Late submission of prelabs and lab reports and will be penalized at a rate of 20% points per day.

Course Text and Other Requirements

Required TextBook: Mastering Networks: An Internet Lab Manual by Jorg Lieberherr, University of Virginia; Magda El Zarki, University of California, Irvine.
ISBN: 0-201-78134-4. Publisher: Addison-Wesley. Copyright: 2004.
Sample Chapters and more info at the authors' Web Site
The book is available at Columbia University Bookstore, Amazon, Bookpool
Student Resources
from Addison Wesley and book errata.

Required TextBook: TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview, IBM Redbook by A.Rodriguez, J. Gatrell, J. Karas, R.Peschke. (PDF)

Other Materials: USB drive for storing data and a CS account.

Lab Equipment and Groups

A view of the proposed lab equipment, INTEREST Lab contains 3 fully equipped racks. Students will perform labs in groups of three or four.