E-mail: my first name [at] cs [dot] columbia [dot] edu
Office: 726 CEPSR Phone: 646-775-6027

Me in April 2008 at Pine Creek Minature Golf in NJ

Me and my husband at our wedding

My son and daughter

About Me

I successfully defended my thesis on Detecting Influencers in Social Media Discussions in July 2015. I have since moved to IBM as a Research Staff Member in the Watson Group.

I was a PhD student in the NLP Group. My Advisor was Kathy McKeown. My thesis was on "Detecting Influencers in Social Media Discussions".

I completed my Masters in Computer Science at Columbia University on the Machine Learning Track in Spring 2008. I recieved my BS in Computer Science with a minor in Math at Ramapo College of New Jersey. I interned at Google on the Sentiment Analysis Team in New York City in Summer 2007 and in the Services Group at IBM Research in Summer 2013. Prior to pursuing my Master's degree I worked at RustyBrick as a Web Programmer.

I got married on August 2, 2009 to David Rosenthal (picture of us from our wedding on the left). I have two children, Avraham and Malky, who was born on my birthday! (picture from 2013 on the left)

Research Interests

My main interests lie in applying Natural Language Processing to study Sociolinguistics in Social Media. My current research in this area is funded under the DARPA deft project (previously funded under IARPA SCIL project) where I work on automatically detecting influence in online conversations. This work involves identifying opinion, claims, persuasion, and agreement. Visit my publications page to see several related publications. I successfully proposed my Thesis in November 2012.

I co-organized Semeval 2015 Task 10: Sentiment Analysis in Twitter, which built off of 2013-2014 tasks. *NEW* Sentiment Analysis in Twitter will be appearing in Semeval 2016. Details coming soon!

I previously worked on GALE, a Question/Answering System involving Machine Translation where I maintained the pipeline and various services. During my undergraduate degree I did research in using Rule Based Expert Systems for an Intelligent Tutor System at Ramapo College with Dr. Amruth Kumar