OpenVoIP: An Open Peer-to-Peer VoIP and IM System

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Command interface

Connect to PlanetLab network
Setup an overlay


Connect to Planet-lab Overlay (P2PP only)

The list of IP addresses of planet lab nodes and their corresponding usernames running P2PP is available in a user_name file. The usernames have been randomly generated.

We are running a bootstrap server at and port 7080 . Please follow the instructions to below to connect to our overlay as a client or a peer. These instructions are for Windows XP.

1. Download the zip file and unzip it into a directory such as c:\p2pp
2. Open configc.txt (for client) or configp.txt (for peer) using wordpad and change USERID to a suitable name such as john or salman19.
3. In folder c:\p2pp, run prompt.bat.
4a. [For auto] In command prompt type p2p.exe configa.txt logfile [Enter]
4b. [For client] In command prompt type p2p.exe configc.txt logfile [Enter]
4c. [For peer] In command prompt type p2p.exe configp.txt logfile [Enter]

[Output for client]
Output: Starting Client
=========== joining ===========
JOIN SUCCESSFUL === Peer-Id: 0xd6f54942a8e3c71235e4718ceb27c2cfe455c876 Hash size: 20 Hash alg: SHA1 PublishObject: user salman19 hash is: 0xcd9d1f6e29395966b5fdac282f6d5dc1ce0f2d
PublishObject: 302 response 7080

4a. At any stage get the prompt by pressing [Enter].
5. Try looking up for a random user in the user_name file.
ulookup ecqDGCop [Enter]
6. Insert a key / value pair:
insert 202.198.764.20 [Enter]
7. Look it up:
rlookup [Enter]

Connect to Planet-lab Overlay (OpenWengo-P2PP)

#1. Uninstall WengoPhone (if you have it installed)
#2. Run bootstrap server.

See the instructions here.
1. Download the installer from here
2. Double click the .exe file and choose English.
3. Click 'Next'.
4. Click 'I Agree'.
5. Choose the installation directory (default C:\Program Files\WengoPh one).
6. Click 'Install'.
7. Run qtwengophone.exe from the 'All Programs' menu (choose Unblock if prompted by your firewall).
8. A dialog box will pop up 'Configure your voip Account'. Select 'SIP / P2PP (for power users only)' and click 'Next' (snapshot).
9. Type your selected login id in account name field, type your name i n the login/username field. Type anything in the (SIP Domain/Realm) field. Leave everything else blank. Click 'Connect' (snapshot).
10. To add a buddy to your buddy list click on 'Add contact' button. In 'Add a contact' dialog box enter 'Group', 'First Name', 'Last Name' of your buddy. In 'SIP ID' enter id of your buddy. Click save button (snapshot)
11. To make a call type your friend's name (who has also performed the above steps) in the box below and click the green button (snapshot).
12. Calls sending media to host address will show host address.
13. Calls sending media to sever-reflexive address will show srflex address.
14. Calls sending media to relay address will show relay address.
15. To IM your buddy, click IM button for the buddy in buddy list. (snapshot).