OpenVoIP Map Monitor

Welcome to the geographical interface of our ~1000 node Kademlia overlay network built using P2PP-01 protocol. We are running three instances of the P2PP executable on ~400 planet lab machines distributed around the world. Each peer has been assigned a randomly generated user-name.

In this page, you should see a list of markers at various geographical locations. These markers correspond to the latitudes and longitudes of the planet lab site that is running our P2PP system. The green markers correspond to the online instances of our software/PlanetLab nodes. On the right side of this page, you should see a list of nodes. Clicking on it will popup an operations dialog.

To play with the system, just click on any marker or select a node from the list to open an operatiosn dialog. In the operations dialog, you can search for a SIP user-name (LookupUser), publish a key/value pair (Publish), and look it up (LookupObject). You can also check the routing table of a peer (Get routing table) and the resource objects it stores (Get resource table), and its TURN allocations Get TURN allocations. Our system lets you perform these queries in a recursive or iterative fashion. For each operation, we also show the time taken to complete the operation, and exponential weighted moving average of bytes sent and received.

If there is an error in loading the map page, please click here.