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May 2-7, 2004
The Park Plaza Hotel,
one block from the
Boston Common



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Accepted Full Papers

Ensemble-based Active Learning for Parse Selection
Jason Baldridge and Miles Osborne (University of Edinburgh)
Balancing data-driven and rule-based approaches in the context of a Multimodal Conversational System
Srinivas Bangalore and Michael Johnston (AT&T Labs-Research)
Catching the Drift: Probabilistic Content Models, with Applications to Generation and Summarization
Regina Barzilay (MIT) and Lillian Lee (Cornell University)
Unsupervised Learning of Contextual Role Knowledge for Coreference Resolution
David Bean and Ellen Riloff (University of Utah)
Multiple Similarity Measures and Source-Pair Information in Story Link Detection
Francine Chen, Ayman Farahat, and Thorsten Brants (Palo Alto Research Center)
A Salience-Based Approach to Gesture-Speech Alignment
Jacob Eisenstein and C. Mario Christoudias (MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory)
A Statistical Model for Multilingual Entity Detection and Tracking
Radu Florian, H. Hassan (*), A. Ittycheriah, Hongyan Jing, Nanda Kambhatla, X. Luo, Nicolas Nicolov, Salim Roukos, and T. Zhang (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, *IBM Egypt)
What's in a translation rule?
Michel Galley (Columbia University), Mark Hopkins (UCLA), Kevin Knight (USC/ISI), and Daniel Marcu (USC/ISI)
Training Tree Transducers
Jonathan Graehl and Kevin Knight (USC/ISI)
Exponential Priors for Maximum Entropy Models
Joshua Goodman (Microsoft Research)
Sentence-Internal Prosody Does not Help Parsing the Way Punctuation Does
Michelle Gregory (Buffalo), Mark Johnson (Brown), and Eugene Charniak (Brown)
Cross-Document Coreference on a Large Scale Corpus
Chung Heong Gooi and James Allan (UMass)
Evaluating Multiple Aspects of Coherence in Student Essays
Derrick Higgins (ETS), Jill Burstein (ETS), Daniel Marcu (USC/ISI), and Claudia Gentile (ETS)
Answering Definition Questions with Multiple Knowledge Sources
Wesley Hildebrandt, Boris Katz, and Jimmy Lin (MIT CSAIL)
Optimizing Automated Call Routing by Integrating Spoken Dialog Models with Queuing Models
Tim Paek and Eric Horvitz (Microsoft Research)
Improving Named Entity Translation Combining Phonetic and Semantic Similarities
Fei Huang, Stephan Vogel, and Alex Waibel (CMU/LTI)
Paraphrasing Predicates from Written Language to Spoken Language Using the Web
Nobuhiro Kaji (Tokyo University), Masashi Okamoto (Osaka University), and Sadao Kurohashi (Tokyo University)
Speed and Accuracy in Shallow and Deep Stochastic Parsing
Ron Kaplan, Stefan Riezler, Tracy H. King, John T. Maxwell III, Alex Vasserman, and Richard Crouch (Palo Alto Research Center)
The (Non)Utility of Predicate-Argument Frequencies for Pronoun Interpretation
Andrew Kehler (UCSD Linguistics), Douglas Appelt (SRI International), Lara Taylor (UCSD Linguistics), and Aleksandr Simma (UCSD Computer Science)
Detecting Structural Metadata with Decision Trees and Transformation-Based Learning
Joungbum Kim, Sarah E. Schwarm, and Mari Ostendorf (University of Washington)
Minimum Bayes-Risk Decoding for Statistical Machine Translation
Shankar Kumar and William Byrne (JHU)
A Probabilistic Rasch Analysis of Question Answering Evaluations
Rense Lange (Integrated Knowledge Systems & the Illinois State Board of Education), Juan Moran (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Warren R. Greiff (MITRE), and Lisa Ferro (MITRE)
The Web as a Baseline: Evaluating the Performance of Unsupervised Web-based Models for a Range of NLP Tasks
Mirella Lapata (University of Sheffield) and Frank Keller (University of Edinburgh)
Inferring Sentence-internal Temporal Relations
Mirella Lapata (University of Sheffield) and Alex Lascarides (University of Edinburgh)
Robust Reading of Ambiguous Writing
Xin Li, Paul Morie, and Dan Roth (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Predicting Emotion in Spoken Dialogue from Multiple Knowledge Sources
Diane Litman and Kate Forbes-Riley (University of Pittsburgh)
A Language Modeling Approach to Predicting Reading Difficulty
Kevyn Collins-Thompson, James P. Callan (CMU/LTI)
Name Tagging with Word Clusters and Discriminative Training
Scott Miller, Jethran Guinness, Alex Zamanian (BBN)
Improved Machine Translation Performance via Parallel Sentence Extraction from Comparable Corpora
Dragos Munteanu, Alexander Fraser, and Daniel Marcu (USC/ISI)
Evaluating Content Selection in Summarization: The Pyramid Method
Ani Nenkova and Rebecca Passonneau (Columbia University)
A Smorgasbord of Features for Statistical Machine Translation
Franz Josef Och (USC/ISI), Daniel Gildea (Rochester University), Sanjeev Khudanpur (JHU), Anoop Sarkar (Simon Fraser University), Kenji Yamada (PARC), Alex Fraser (USC/ISI), Shankar Kumar (JHU), Libin Shen (UPenn), David Smith (JHU), Katherine Eng (Stanford University), Viren Jain (UPenn), Zhen Jin (Mt Holyoke), and Dragomir Radev (UMich)
Automatically Labeling Semantic Classes
Patrick Pantel (USC/ISI) and Deepak Ravichandran (USC/ISI)
Accurate Information Extraction from Research Papers using Conditional Random Fields
Fuchun Peng and Andrew McCallum (UMass)
Shallow Semantic Parsing using Support Vector Machines
Sameer S. Pradhan (University of Colorado at Boulder), Wayne H. Ward (University of Colorado at Boulder), Kadri Hacioglu (University of Colorado at Boulder), James H. Martin (University of Colorado at Boulder), and Dan Jurafsky (Stanford University)
The Tao of CHI: Towards Effective Human-Computer Interaction
Robert Porzel and Manja Baudis (European Media Laboratory, GmbH)
Non-Native Users in the Let's Go!! Spoken Dialogue System: Dealing with Linguistic Mismatch
Antoine Raux and Maxine Eskenazi (CMU/LTI)
Lattice-Based Search for Spoken Utterance Retrieval
Murat Saraclar (AT&T Research Labs) and Richard Sproat (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Discriminative Reranking for Machine Translation
Libin Shen (UPenn), Anoop Sarkar (Simon Fraser University), and Franz Josef Och (USC/ISI)
Acquiring Hyponymy Relations from Web Documents
Keiji Shinzato and Kentaro Torisawa (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Automatic Question Answering: Beyond the Factoid
Radu Soricut (USC/ISI) and Eric Brill (Microsoft Research)
Shallow Semantc Parsing of Chinese
Honglin Sun and Daniel Jurafsky (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Comparison of two interactive search refinement techniques
Olga Vechtomova (University of Waterloo) and Murat Karamuftuoglu (Bilkent University)
Improvements in Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation
Richard Zens and Hermann Ney (RWTH Aachen)

Accepted Short Papers

Using N-Grams To Understand the Nature of Summaries
Michele Banko and Lucy Vanderwende (Microsoft Research)
Multi-Speaker Language Modeling
Jeff Bilmes (University of Washington, Seattle)
Performance Evaluation and Error Analysis for Multimodal Reference Resolution in a Conversation System
Joyce Y. Chai (Michigan State University), Zahar Prasov (Michigan State University), and (Pengyu Hong - Harvard University)
Automatic Construction of an English-Chinese Bilingual FrameNet
Benfeng Chen and Pascale Fung (HKUST)
Web Search Intent Induction via Automatic Query Reformulation
Hal Daume III (USC/ISI) and Eric Brill (Microsoft Research)
A Lightweight Semantic Chunker Based on Tagging
Kadri Hacioglu (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Advances in Children's Speech Recognition within an Interactive Literacy Tutor
Andreas Hagen, Bryan Pellom, Sarel van Vuuren, and Ronald Cole (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Improving Automatic Sentence Boundary Detection with Confusion Networks
Dustin Hillard (University of Washington, SSLI), Mari Ostendorf (University of Washington, SSLI), and Andreas Stolcke (SRI/ICSI)
A Comparison of Rule--Based and Statistical Methods for Semantic Language Modeling and Confidence Measurement
Ruhi Srikaya, Yuqing Gao, and Michael Picheny (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center)
Converting a Text into a Narration by an Animated Agent: Assigning Gestures to a Text
Yukiko I. Nakano, Masashi Okamoto, Daisuke Kawahara, Qing Li, and Toyoaki Nishida (Japan Science and Technology Corporation)
Parsing Conversational Speech Using Enhanced Segmentation
Jeremy G. Kahn (University of Washington, SSLI), Mari Ostendorf (University of Washington, SSLI), and Ciprian Chelba (Microsoft Research)
Competitive Self-Trained Pronoun Interpretation
Andrew Kehler (UCSD Linguistics), Douglas Appelt (SRI International), Lara Taylor (UCSD Linguistics), and Aleksandr Simma (UCSD Computer Science)
Morphological Analysis for Statistical Machine Translation
Young-Suk Lee (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)
Feature-based Pronunciation Modeling for Speech Recognition
Karen Livescu and James Glass (MIT CSAIL)
Parsing Arguments of Nominalizations in English and Chinese
Sameer S. Pradhan (University of Colorado at Boulder), Honglin Sun (University of Colorado at Boulder), Wayne Ward (University of Colorado at Boulder), James H.Martin (University of Colorado at Boulder), and Dan Jurafsky (Stanford University)
Computational Linkuistics: word triggers across hyperlinks
Dragomir Radev, Hong Qi, Adam Winkel, and Daniel Tam (UMich)
A speech-in list-out approach to spoken user interfaces
Bhiksha Raj, Peter Wolf, Joe Woelfel, Jan Van Gemert (Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs)
Augmenting the kappa statistic to determine interannotator reliability for multiply labeled data points
Andrew Rosenberg (Columbia University) and Ed Binkowski (Hunter College)
Correction Grammars for Error Handling in a Speech Dialog System
Hirohiko Sagawa, Teruko Mitamura, Eric Nyberg (CMU/LTI)
Nearly-Automated Metadata Hierarchy Creation
Emilia Stoica and Marti Hearst (University of California at Berkeley)
A Unigram Orientation Model for Statistical Machine Translation
Christoph Tillmann (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)

Accepted Posters

Language model adaptation with MAP estimation and the perceptron algorithm
Michiel Bacchiani, Brian Roark, and Murat Saraclar (AT&T Research Labs)
Confidence Estimation for Information Extraction
Aron Culotta and Andrew McCallum (University of Massachusetts at Amherst)
Automatic Tagging of Arabic Text: From Raw Text to Base Phrase Chunks
Mona Diab (Stanford University), Kadri Hacioglu (University of Colorado at Boulder), and Daniel Jurafsky (Stanford University)
Enhancing Linguistically Oriented Automatic Keyword Extraction
Anette Hulth (Stockholm University)
MMR-based Feature Selection for Text Categorization
Changki Lee and Gary Geunbae Lee (Pohang University of Science & Technology)
Prosody-based Topic Segmentation for Mandarin Broadcast News
Gina-Anne Levow (University of Chicago)
Automated Team Discourse Annotation and Performance Prediction Using LSA
Melanie J. Martin and Peter W. Foltz (New Mexico State University)
Direct Maximization of Average Precision by Hill-Climbing, with a Comparison to a Maximum Entropy Approach
William Morgan, Warren Greiff, John Henderson (MITRE)
Feature Selection for Trainable Multilingual Broadcast News Segmentation
David D. Palmer, Marc Reichman, and Elyes Yaich (Virage)
Example-based Rescoring of Statistical Machine Translation Output
Michael Paul, Eiichiro Sumita, and Seiichi Yamamoto (ATR-SLT)
Summarizing Email Threads
Owen Rambow (Columbia University), Lokesh Shrestha (Columbia University), John Chen (Microsoft Research Asia), and Christy Laurdisen (IBM)
UI on the Fly: Generating a Multimodal User Interface
David Reitter (Media Lab Europe), Erin Panttaja (Media Lab Europe), and Fred Cummins (University College Dublin)
Context-based Speech Recognition Error Detection and Correction
Arup Sarma and David D. Palmer (Virage)
Polarity sensitivity and evaluation order in type-logical grammar
Chung-chieh Shan (Harvard University)
HITIQA: A Data Driven Approach to Interactive Analytical Question Answering
Sharon Small and Tomek Strzalkowski (SUNY Albany/ILS Institute)
A Lexically-Driven Algorithm for Disfluency Detection
Matthew Snover (UMD), Bonnie Dorr (UMD), and Rich Schwartz (BBN)
Speech Graffiti vs. Natural Language: Assessing the User Experience
Stefanie Tomko and Roni Rosenfeld (CMU/LTI)
An Empirical Study on Multiple LVCSR Model Combination by Machine Learning
Takehito Utsuro (Kyoto University), Yasuhiro Kodama (Sony), Tomohiro Watanabe (Toyohashi University), Hiromitsu Nishizaki (Yamanashi University), and Seiichi Nakagawa (Toyohashi University)
Using N-best list for Named Entity Recognition from Chinese Speech
Lufeng Zhai (HKUST), Pascale Fung (HKUST), Richard Schwartz (BBN), Marine Carpuat (HKUST), and Dekai Wu (HKUST)


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