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Columbia University Courses Fall 2001- Fall 2005
Fall 2001
PHYS 4021 Quantum Mechanics
COMS 4731 Computer Vision
Quantum Computation-Research

Spring 2002
Teacher Assistant: COMS 3210 Scientific Computation
COMS 4241 Numerical Algorithms and Complexity
COMS 4824 Computer Architecture
Quantum Computation-Research

Fall 2002
COMS Analysis of Algorithms
COMS Operating Systems
COMS Programming Languages and Translators
COMS Artificial Intelligence
Quantum Computation- Research

Spring 2003
Teaching Assistant: COMS 4241 Numerical Algorithms and Complexity
COMS 4117 Compilers and Interpreters
Quantum Computation- Research
French for Diplomats

Fall 2003
Lie Groups and Their Representations
Quantum Computation- Research
French Conversation

Spring 2004
Quantum Computation
Doctoral Research
French Conversation II

Fall 2004
Doctoral Research at MIT in Media Lab

Spring 2005
Doctoral Research at MIT in Media Lab

Fall 2005
Doctoral Research at IBM Research Yorktown


Princeton University Courses Fall 1997 - Spring 2001
Fall 1997
FRS 141w "Hate Speech, Blasphemy, and Pornography"
MAT 217 Honors Linear Algebra & Advanced Calculus I
FRE 108 Advanced French
CHE 203 Advanced General Chemistry

Spring 1998
MAT 203 Advanced Multivariable Calculus
SOC 211 Sex and Gender
FRS 142 This is Not a Pipe: Art and Meaning
THR 220 Beginning Modern Dance:Technique & Choreography

Fall 1998
MAT 306/COS 342 Introduction to Graph Theory
COS 126 General Computer Science
HIS 376 The American Civil War & Reconstruction
EEB 211 The Biology of Organisms
FRE 207 Studies in French Language & Style

Spring 1999 - Study Abroad Paris, FRANCE
Probabilites et Statistiques
L'Art dans la Litterature: Delacroix
Sociologie de la Famille Moderne
L'Art Contemporaine

Fall 1999
MAT 981 Cryptography Seminar
MAT 314 Introduction to Real Analysis
MAT 321 Algebra
COS 217 Introduction to Programming Systems
FRE 224/324 Approaches to Language of Literary Texts

Spring 2000
MAT 981 Non-linear Dynamics Seminar
MAT 584 Wavelets: An Introduction
COS 226 Algorithms adn Data Structures
COS 333 Advanced Programming Techniques
FRE 352 The 18th-Century Novel

Fall 2000
MAT 317 Complex Analysis with Applications
COS 487 Theory of Computation
COS 318 Operating Systems
FRE 331 French Renaissance Literature and Culture
ANT 201 Introduction to Anthropology
PSY 256/MOL 256 The Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

Spring 2001
ART 564 19th Century French Art and Literature
PHI 304 Philosophy of Science


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