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I am a fifth year PhD student at Columbia University in Computer Science. My research has concentrated on quantum computation, particularly quantum fault tolerance and quantum error correction. However, my technical interests include the broader fields of data mining, intrusion detection, and classical fault tolerance.

My PhD advisors at Columbia University are Alfred V. Aho and Joseph Traub.

I received a Masters of Science from Columbia University in 2003 in Computer Science. Last year, I conducted research at MIT in the Media Lab and the Center for Bits and Atoms under Dr. Isaac Chuang.

Some colleagues I have worked with include Alfred Aho, Panos Aliferis, Isaac Chuang, Andrew Cross, David DiVincenzo, Tom Draper, Stephen Edwards, Angelos Keromytis, Sandy Kutin, Igor Markov, Eric Rains, Sal Stolfo, and Barbara Terhal.

I graduated in 2001 from Princeton University and majored in Mathematics, with a certificate (aka minor) in Applied Math, Computer Science and French. At Princeton, I danced with the Expressions Dance Company and also was a member of the Princeton University Equestrian Team.

I grew up outside of Seattle, WA, and attended Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart in Bellevue, WA from 5th to 12th grade. When I return to Seattle to visit my family, I love skiing at Crystal Mountain, running Greenlake, golfing at Newcastle, shopping downtown, and checking out the latest and greatest restaurants in Belltown, Madison Park, and Queen Anne. My latest choice for a lovely lunch experience is Lola's. However, you still can't beat the Spaghetti Factory near the waterfront. Great pasta, great price, and you can eat in a trolley!

In New York, I enjoy taking dance classes at Steps on Broadway, yoga at Life in Motion, horseback riding, and spending time volunteering. I also enjoy spending afternoons in Central or Riverside Park, strolling through Soho, and finding designerwear for bargains at Century 21 downtown. I am an avid art lover and encourage visitors to hit the galleries in Chelsea (10th Ave and 26th) and the Neue Gallerie (near the Met), in addition to the famous city museums (MOMA, Guggenheim, Whitney, etc.) It's also fun to look at the stuff for auction at Christie's in Rockefeller Plaza. The restaurants in the city are amazing. Currently, I love Butter, Public, Felix, and Calle Ocho. These are in addition to the classics: Nobu, Gramercy Tavern, Gotham Bar and Grill, and Norma's (for the best brunch in the world!).

I love traveling, as can be seen from my photos. I have visited many foreign destinations including Morocco, Turkey, Greece, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, England, Scotland, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Costa Rica, and of course Canada and Mexico. My next destinations will hopefully include India, Kenya, Croatia, Norway, and Ireland.


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