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The Forgers

CS-6998 - 3D Photography - Fall 02

Team members: Alexei Masterov - David Smilowitz - Alejandro Troccoli - Sam Neymotin


Our motivation for this project was to create a 3D model of one of the many sculptures on campus. Ideally we wanted this model to be complete and fairly accurate. We also wanted to perform texture mapping on the mesh as well.

The first step was selecting a sculpture to scan. Our goal to create a complete model limited the choice of statues. For example our first choice was Alma Mater. Unfortunately the location of the sculpture made it impossible to scan some of the upper areas without equipment to raise the height of the scanner. Therefore the resulting model would have had a large hole. The sculpture we ended up choosing was Le Penseur. Like all of the sculptures we looked at, there were areas that the scanner could not reach, however in this case they were small, and could be filled.

To create a 3D textured model of Columbia's famous "Le Penseur", located in front of Philosophy Hall.

Unusual view of "Le Penseur" - 12/05/02


For a successful completion of our project, we defined a set of milestones. Follow each link for a complete description of each stage. You can also click [Next] at the end of each page.

Completed 10/18
Completed 10/18
Completed 10/18
Completed 11/03
Completed 11/27
Completed 12/02


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