Thinking man

The Forgers

CS-6998 - 3D Photography - Fall 02

Team members: Alexei Masterov - David Smilowitz - Alejandro Troccoli - Sam Neymotin


This work presents the process of creating a complete textured 3D model of one of Columbia's most famous sculptures "Le Penseur". We have succesfully acquired the sculpture's geometry using a time-of-flight laser scanner, built a 3D surface and not so succesfully textured map this surface. Nine scans were enough to capture most of the geometry, but still, due to the sculpture's shape. our initial model had a big number of holes. This were located on the chest, on the thighs and on the back of the legs and hands. Since it would not have been easy to acquire these areas with more scans, we decided to proceed with our data and create a surfece. We used VripPack to create our first surface. The number of holes was significant, mainly due to lack of data, but in some cases it might have been due to the fact the VripPack does not yet support a trully perspective scanner (we used approximated it using as an ortographic scanner). We used Spider, a commercial software developed by Alias Wavefront to fill in the remaining holes, not without a lot of manual labor. With a complete water tight model, we attempted the texture mapping. We succesfully registered our images the scans using our software, but when attempting the multiview texture mapping, the results showed that there is room for improvement.

Our software is part of an on-going research project and will be available for download as soon as the project reaches completion.

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