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20070912-0066 Kyle at Greenhouse

20070923-0084 Kyle in an Old Subway Car

20070930-0120 Kyle Rides a Pony

20070930-0138 Kyle Rides a Pony

20071020-0223 Kyle Decorating Pumpkin

20071020-0233 Kyle and Nina on Carriage

20071024-0247 Kyle and Pumpkin Cookie

20071027-0271 Kyle decorating a pumpkin

20071030-0310 Kyle and Stephen Carve a Pumpkin

20071030-0313 Eew Whats This

20071030-0330 Kyle Stephen and the Jack O Lantern

20071031-0336 Kyle and Winston on Halloween

20071031-0337 Kyle as Tigger

20071103-8394 Kyle on balance beam

20071103-8413 Kids in the balls

20071103-8440 Kyle and the gang

20071103-8461 Kyle and Anthea

20071103-8480 Kyle and Anthea

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