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20060330-01 Torre Garisenda, Bologna

20060330-02 Fountana del Nettuno, Piazza Maggoire

20060330-03 Le Due Torri, Bologna

20060330-04 Bologna

20060330-05 Piazza Maggiore, Bologna

20060330-06 Nina atop Torre degli Asinelli, Bologna

20060330-16 Nina and Cathreen on the Eurostar

200603a29-01 Doges Palace, Venice

200603a29-02 Gondolas, Venice

200603a29-03 Empire State in Venice

200603a29-04 Piazza San Marco, Venice

200603a29-05 Blue Gondolas, Venice

200603a29-06 Lamppost, Venice

200603a29-07 Masks, Venice

200603a29-08 Rialto, Venice

200603a29-09 Venice

200603a29-10 Venice

200603a29-11 Venice
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