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197605 Stephen kindergarten group photo

197606-2 Jerry Cleta Stephen Clay Ryan Edwards, Cabin, Cedar Creek, MO

197606-3 Betty and Laura Hemmeter, Stephen, Ryan, and Lois 4941 Newton Ave

197606-4 Stephen with Ryan and Cousin Laura Hemmeter, Minnehaha Falls

19760607 Stephen and Exxon oil tanker, last day of Kindergarten

197607-3 Stephen Ryan Jerry at Savanna Portage

197607-4 Stephen Ryan Jerry Canoeing on Loon Lake, Savanna Portage State Park

197607-5 Stephen and Eric Adelbert at Valley Fair

197607-6 Stephen, Eric, and Carl at Valley Fair

19760724 Stephen and Mom's Viking Lander Birthday Cake

19760724 Stephen and Viking Lander Cake

19760725 Ryan and Stephen with Birthday presents at Lake Harriet, MN

19760725 Stephen at Lake Harriet, MN

197608 Picnic with Stephen Ryan and Ruth Hemmeter, Newton Avenue

197608 Stephen Ryan Ruth Hemmeter

197609 Stephen on the first day of first grade

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