Acknowledgements and Related Work

Many of the naming and structuring conventions are from John Ousterhout's Tcl/Tk Engineering Manual, available in the Tcl/Tk distribution on

The English-sentence-like function naming conventions and the concept of the automatic prototype extractor were inspired by Hervé Touati, Jean-Cristophe Madre, and Olivier Coudert.

All the members of the VIS Group at Berkeley assisted in the development of the ext system, but Tom Shiple, Gitanjali Swamy, and Rajeev Ranjan deserve special mention.

Sun's Java Language includes javadoc, a documentation extractor tool very similar to extdoc. See Lisa Friendly's paper, The design of distributed hyperlinked programming documentation describing the system.

The c2man, system is a documentation extraction system for C code that imposes fewer constraints on the form of the comments, but does not produce HTML.

The ext system