The ext system is a set of programs that generate documentation for the World-Wide Web from specially-formatted C programs and automatically place function prototypes in header files. These are being used in a variety of large software projects and have been shown to simplify the programmer's task.
Download ext-1.3.tar.gz, the latest released version of the Ext system.

Quick Reference

Package Filename Conventions
Name Contains
pkg.h Externally-visible functions, etc. Required
pkgInt.h Functions, etc., internal to the package. #include pkg.h, #include pkgPort.h, if present. Required
pkgPort.h #defines, etc., that hide system differences. Optional.
pkgUtil.c Utility functions. Optional.
pkgIntUtil.c Internal utility functions. Optional.

Identifier Naming Conventions
External Internal Local
Functions, Macros Pkg_SubjectVerbObject PkgSubjectVerbObject SubjectVerbObject
Variables pkg_numThings pkgNumThings numThings
Structures Pkg_SomeThing_t PkgSomeThing_t SomeThing_t
Enumerated types Pkg_ThingList_c PkgThingList_c ThingList_c

Written by Stephen Edwards, sedwards@alumni.caltech.edu