Third International Conference on Embedded Software
In cooperation with the ACM
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, October 13-15, 2003
Registration is closed.

The purpose of the conference is to bring together researchers and developers from academia, industry, and government to advance the science, engineering, and technology in embedded software development. EMSOFT was started two years ago with focus on principles of embedded software development and aims at covering all aspects of embedded software. The first meeting was held as a conference with only invited speakers, and was sponsored by DARPA and NSF at Lake Tahoe in October 2001. The second meeting held in October 2002 in Grenoble, France, had a mix of invited and contributed papers with over 150 participants spanning different areas.

The proceedings of the conference will be published in the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series (see volumes 2211 and 2491 for past proceedings). Selected papers will be invited after the meeting to submit an extended version to a special issue of ACM Transactions on Embedded Computer Systems.

Final Program


LNCS 2855, the proceedings of EMSOFT 2003

Conference Registration

Accomodations and Local Information

Related Workshops and Events

NEXT TTA will be holding a workshop on the Specification of Linking Interfaces immediately before EMSOFT 2003

ARTIST International Collaboration Days - October 11th and 12th

RTAS 2004, the 10th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium, will be held May 25th - May 28, 2004

Sample Topics of Interest

System design and integration methodologies
Programming languages and software engineering
Operating systems and middleware
Architectures and compilers
Models of computation and formal methods
Scheduling and execution time analysis
Communication protocols and fault tolerance
Hardware/software codesign and systems-on-chip
Applications on embedded control and multimedia

Call For Papers

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Invited Speakers

Alan Burns (University of York, UK)
Alain Deutsch (Polyspace Technologies, France)
Kim Larsen (Aalborg University, Denmark)
Joseph Loyall (BBN Technologies, USA)
Keith Moore (Hewlett-Packard, USA)
Greg Spirakis (Intel, USA)


PC Chair Rajeev Alur, University of Pennsylvania
PC Chair Insup Lee, University of Pennsylvania
Local Organization Oleg Sokolsky, University of Pennsylvania
Publicity Stephen Edwards, Columbia University

Program Committee

Rajeev Alur, Co-Chair (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Albert Benveniste (IRISA/INRIA, France)
Giorgio Buttazzo (University of Pavia, Italy)
Rolf Ernst (Technical Univ of Braunschweig, Germany)
Hans Hansson (Malardalen University, Sweden)
Kane Kim (University of California at Irvine, USA)
Hermann Kopetz (Technical University of Vienna, Austria)
Luciano Lavagno (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)
Edward Lee (University of California at Berkeley, USA)
Insup Lee, Co-Chair (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Sharad Malik (Princeton University, USA)
Jens Palsberg (Purdue University, USA)
Amir Pnueli (Weizmann Institute, Israel and New York University, USA)
Martin Rinard (MIT, USA)
Heonshik Shin (Seoul National University, Korea)
Kang Shin (University of Michigan, USA)
John Stankovic (University of Virginia, USA)
Janos Sztipanovits (Vanderbilt University, USA)
Wayne Wolf (Princeton University, USA)
Sergio Yovine (Verimag, France)

Steering Committee

Gerard Berry, Esterel Technologies
Tom Henzinger, University of California at Berkeley
Hermann Kopetz, Technical University of Vienna
Edward Lee, University of California at Berkeley
Ragunathan Rajkumar, Carnegie Mellon University
Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, University of California at Berkeley
Douglas Schmidt, University of California, Irvine
Joseph Sifakis, Verimag
John Stankovic, University of Virginia
Reinhard Wilhelm, Universität des Saarlandes
Wayne Wolf, Princeton University

Links to past workshops

EMSOFT 02 October 7-9, 2002, Grenoble, France

EMSOFT 01 October 8-10, 2001, Tahoe City, California


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