Ping Pan: About Myself


Work history

  • Define the technical direction on Layer-2.5, MPLS-based Ethernet and policy-driven application-aware services

  • Produce most of the product and feature requirements, and coordinate between engineering and sales teams

  • Act as the technology conscience for senior engineering staff

  • Work with key customers and partners directly


  • 2002 – 2004 (24 months), Principle Engineer, Project Lead, Core Networking Division, Ciena Corporation

·       Led a team to plan, design and develop Gigabit Ethernet Line Modules with GFP, VCAT and LCAS features on CoreDirector SONET switches.

·       Invented and designed data aggregation products that use MPLS PWE3 over SONET trunks for CoreDirector switches.

  • 2001 - 2002 (18 months), Member of Technical Staff, Routing Group, Juniper Networks

·       Designed and developed a number of MPLS scalability and redundancy features. Some of the deployed features were RSVP refresh reduction (JUNOS 5.1), MPLS fast switch-over (JUNOS 5.3), and RSVP-TE fast reroute (JUNOS 5.4).

·       Invented and designed lsp-ping (because its draft would include both of my first and last names).

·       Worked on the PacketStar project on traffic engineering and COPS

·       Researched on scalable reservation signaling mechanisms and UNIX operation systems (kernels).

·       Researched on data networking: signaling protocols (RSVP, SIP), QoS (IntServ, DiffServ), network policies (COPS) and IP switching (ISR).

·       Developed RSVP and DiffServ from scratch for IBM router products.

  • 1991-1995, Staff Engineer, Project Lead, HPCC Division, IBM

·       Designed and developed the entire stack of Frame Relay UNI/NNI, SMDS UNI and ATM PVC/DXI.

·       Led the team to ship Frame Relay services in IGN.

·       Built routers for NSFNET and IBM Global Network (IGN): the last “owner” of T960 T1 and Ethernet that had powered NSFNET, ANS and IGN. 



In real life...

Likes: good books, good company, good food, lots of beer, cool ideas, BS about networking, Bob Dylan, Knicks (season-ticket holder for 6 years), making history

Dislikes: losing


Personal life:

  • Arrived many years ago from Ningxia (宁夏) under Helan Mountain in Northern China
  • Live in Silicon Valley with my wife, Jenny and our children, Matthew and Nicole.

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