The DES (Discrete Event System) Analyzer, release v0.1
A Performance Analysis and Timing Verification Tool
for Concurrent Digital Systems
Version 0.1 of the DES Analyzer Tool is now available for Linux platforms.
The DES Analyzer is a set of CAD tools for the performance analysis and timing verification of concurrent digital systems. The system is modeled by a restricted form of a Petri net, called a marked graph.

Two analysis tools are included in the package: des-tse and des-perf. The des-tse tool computes the minimum and maximum time separation between any two events (TSE) in the system where the min/max delay bounds of each system component are supplied by the user. The des-perf tool computes the asymptotic average-case performance metrics of the system where the mean delay for each system component is supplied by the user (the component delays are assumed to have an exponential distribution).

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The DES (Discrete Event System) Analyzer is part of the CaSCADE tool package, a joint project between Columbia University and USC.

The CaSCADE tool package release was made possible by generous support from NSF ITR Award No. NSF-CCR-0086036.

The development of the individual tools in CaSCADE was supported in part by the above NSF grant, and by some additional funding (see each downloaded tool individually for further information).

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