"Container technology is one of the fastest-growing software development areas in the computing industry today. Despite this rapid growth and attendant media rhetoric, clear and concise description of the underlying technology and its core value is missing. Learning about the inner workings of containers will help developers and enterprises apply this important innovation more effectively in their respective endeavors. In this book, Dinesh Subhraveti, an early inventor of the technology, presents deep insights into it in a simple and accessible manner. His presentation takes the mystery out of the internals of the technology by exposing the heretofore hidden harmony that underlies it."


"As an early inventor of containers, no one has more knowledge of containers than Dinesh. He has synthesized the importance and uniqueness of containers in a way I have seen no one else do. While he digs into technical details, he also abstracts the key points in a way that makes this book relevant for IT business executives."
-- Jason Donahue, former president and CEO at Meiosys

"’Containers Beyond the Hype is a must-read for anyone considering container technology, especially as part of a DevOps approach. From early origins to the state-of-the-art, from simple basics to deep intricacies, Dinesh brings unique clarity to an otherwise complex subject that has significant long-term impact."
-- Andi Mann, chief technology advocate at Splunk

"In this quick read, Dinesh clearly and concisely conveys his deep understanding of the art of virtualization. His vision for bringing containers from hype back to reality points towards significant improvements in managing operational complexity, giving hope to us long-term denizens of Dependency Hell."
-- David Chaiken, former chief architect at Yahoo!

"More than ten years ago, virtualization sparked a revolution in the way we use and consume compute resources. It enabled the thing that we call "cloud". Today, we are at the beginning of a new transformation, initiated by containers. Dinesh is a forerunner of both movements. His insights in this book will help us make the most of the upcoming changes in our industry."
-- Jérôme Petazzoni, cofounder at Docker