COMS E6733, 3D Photography

Note: This is a tentative class schedule, subject to change

Jan. 21: Introduction and Course overview: The 3D Modeling Pipeline

Jan. 28: Active 3D Sensing Methods Feb. 4: Registration Methods Feb. 11: Volumetric Models

Feb 18: Volumetric and Mesh Modeling

Feb. 25: Passive Vision Methods

Note: Project 2 posted, proposal due Mar. 4.

Mar. 4: Scanning Low Library Scanning results:

Mar. 11: View Planning. Guest Speaker: Paul Blaer
Note: Project 2 proposal due, posted on Team web site.

Mar. 18: No Class, Spring Break

Mar. 25: Automatic Modeling Systems

Apr. 1: Processing Design Environement

Apr. 8: Texture Mapping

Apr 15: City Scanning

Apr. 22: 3D Shape Search

Apr. 29: Project Reports and Demos

May 6: