Anonymity and Privacy -- Final Paper

The final paper is due by 7:00 pm Wednesday, 5/11, per the final exam schedule posted by the registrar. NO EXCEPTIONS.

By April 6, I would like to know who wishes to present their paper on 4/20 and who on 4/27. To quote a professor of mine, "as we learned in switching theory, increasing the number of "don't care" states simplifies the circuit" -- if you don't have a preference, tell me that, too. In the event of imbalance or lack of input, I reserve the right to make random selections. If you have a better-than-usual reason for your preference, please let me know.

8 students will go each day, which works out to 13 minutes per presentation. Yes, I know that that's tight. We have to stick to it, which means I'm going to have to be ruthless about time.

To avoid the hassle of switching laptops, we'll use my laptop for all presentations. I need to have all slides, in PDF, Powerpoint, or OpenOffice format, by 2pm that day. (For this presentation, you probably do want to have slides, rather than a text file.)