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Update on Hand Recount (30 May 2012)

Update on Hand Recount

30 May 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about a hand recount of ballots in a very close State Senate race. According to press reports (though there’s no official result from the Board of Elections), both the original winner and the margin seem to have held up quite well. Specifically, the Storobin margin going into the recount was 27 votes; if that report is accurate, at most only about a dozen votes shifted, and maybe less than that, for an error rate of .05%. That’s astonishingly good. Of course, the press reports could be wrong, and I don’t know if the Board will release detailed-enough information on the recount results to let us assess the performance of the machines; I’ll post again if results warrant.

Update: A spokeswoman [sic] for the Board of Elections has confirmed that only eight ballots are still subject to review; the Board should decide on them today.
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