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A Good Mailer for Mac OS?

21 September 2009

I’m curious what mailers people are using on Macs. For assorted reasons, I’m using MacOS more these days, and I don’t really like Mail.App very much. Any better suggestions? (Requirements include good support for IMAP with SSL, and preferably include support for local MH mailboxes as well. Client-side certificate support is useful. I need robust auto-sorting, including the ability to move incoming messages to folders belonging to other mailboxes. I need it to operate offline, which in turn implies a need for local copies of IMAP mail. It has to be able to cope with a large number of folders, some of them quite large. It must be able to operate well on relatively slow links.)

On NetBSD, I use Claws Mail, which meets most of my needs. Unfortunately, I have not found the Mac versions of it to be as good.