March 2009
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EFF's Surveillance Self-Defense Website (3 March 2009)
Access to Old Information (8 March 2009)
Internet Records Retention Bill (19 March 2009)

EFF's Surveillance Self-Defense Website

3 March 2009

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has a new website on Surveillance Self-Defense. (Not surprisingly, it — and as best I can tell the rest of the EFF’s site — can be accessed via an encrypted channel. In fact, if you visit the SSD web site via unencrypted HTTP, you’ll be redirected to the encrypted version.) It’s a very good guide to the legal and technical issues surrounding surveillance; while I have a few minor quibbles, overall it’s an excellent guide. (Caveat: while the technical information is broadly applicable, the legal discussion is specific to US law.)

Highly recommended.