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The White House Removes Videos from YouTube

2 March 2009

In January, I wrote twice about the government and privacy when using YouTube videos. Chris Soghoian now reports that White House videos have been moved to Akamai. This is indeed a very good move from a privacy perspective.

Of course, now that that’s settled, the Supreme Court is at least viewing YouTube videos as part of its deliberations. Does this allow Google to track the viewing habits of Supreme Court justices? Or do they take proper privacy precautions? (The video in question was posted to the Court’s own web page — but hosted by the Court itself, rather than any outside provider.)

Update: the White House denies any change in policy. That’s too bad — they did the right thing; why apologize for it? Are they afraid they’ll be seen as having caved to "pressure"? Or is the concern that the new scheme won’t work as well, so they want to be prepared in advance in case they have to regress?