Visual Eyes
VisualEyes is a software which allows you to compute spherical panoramas, spherical environment maps and, most importantly, retinal images from images of eyes. As a result, it enables you to look around the world surrounding the person in the image, view it from the person's point of view, estimate the lighting conditions of the scene, etc. Please see this tutorial for a preview of what can be done with VisualEyes. For details of the underlying algorithm and implications, please refer to

"The World in an Eye,"
K. Nishino and S.K. Nayar,
IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR),
Vol. I, pp. 444-451, Jun. 2004.
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"Eyes for Relighting,"
K. Nishino and S.K. Nayar,
ACM Transactions on Graphics (also Proc. of SIGGRAPH),
Vol. 23, No. 3, pp. 704-711, Jul. 2004.
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In order to obtain a copy of the win32 binary code for VisualEyes, please carefully read the following copyright notice and fill out the request form. To license the source code for VisualEyes for commercial applications, please contact

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Please allow 3-5 weeks between request and shipment of the CD-ROM. We reserve the right to decide not to send a copy to the requester without notification.

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