REFLEX is a software tool that allows one to design mirror shapes for catadioptric imaging and projection systems. Given a user-defined mapping between the scene and the image and a primary optical system, REFLEX computes the mirror shape that produces the desired mapping with minimal distortions. This software is written in Matlab and hence requires you to have a copy of Matlab from Mathworks. Reference:

Details of the algorithms used in REFLEX can be found in:
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A licensed copy of REFLEX can be obtained by filling out the request form below. REFLEX is free for academic use.

REFEX Request Form
We are distributing the Matlab files for REFLEX by physical media (CD-ROM). This request form must be filled by a full-time employee of the requesting organization. Students must provide their advisors' names and e-mail addresses. Please allow 3-5 weeks between request and shipment of the CD-ROM. We reserve the right to decide not to send a copy to the requester without notification.

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After submitting your request, you will see a confirmation page. Please do not click the Send Request button more than once.
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