The acquisition and the modeling details of our work can be referred to the following paper:

Acquisition Rig: Dome

We decided to use a multiple-light multiple-camera dome to acquire the data (at each time step, it is SV-BRDF (Spatially-Varying BRDF)).  The dome was originally built in MERL, mainly by Tim Weyrich and other researchers. It has been used in several other projects for face scanning and other acquisitions.

The plan of the dome is shown in the following image.  The circled camera (7) and the lights (53, 54, 80, 83, 106, 107) are the 6 measurements we released in this database. The specification of the dome and the coordinates of the cameras and light sources can be found here (1.2MB). Note that we have calibrated the dome at different time periods, so it contains multiple sets of camera data.

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