hop_speed: a networking tool that measures speed of asymmetric links

It is designed based on a technical report (CUCS-009-99) and a GlobeComm paper I wrote on asymmetric bandwidth measurement. They are mentioned in my home page .

  1. Program Usage
  2. Output: The program's most important output is the measured bandwidth, with an estimate of error/noise, but the error estimate is not very precise in practice, and can only you a hint on how precise the result is. If you use an older version like Windows one, it will only do one TTL. So it will print out a value like "m" or "k", which is the slope of the RTT vs. Packet size curve, measured in sec/byte. Using the algorithm I described in my GlobeComm paper, you should be able to calculate the bandwidth link speeds. But I agree the process is tedious.

  3. Download hop_speed: (binaries)