Updated on May 8, 2017

I am currently a Senior Software Engineer working at a large software company. Previously, I worked at:

  • 2015 - 2017: Merrill Lynch (Bank of America)
  • 2013 - 2015: Goldman Sachs
  • 2011 - 2013: JW Player

I work on Big Data technologies (Hadoop, HBase and the ilk) but also do front-end (HTML, AngularJS, jQuery) and back-end (Python, Java, PHP) programming from time to time.

Previously, I was a PhD research student in Columbia University's Computer Science department. I worked in the Internet Real Time Laboratory.

My final project involved content-centric networking, particularly services in CCN/ICN. I am also worked on on-path CDNs and ActiveCDN which aimed to provide new and more efficient ways to serve content on the Internet.

I had previously worked on the NetServ project, which aims to provide next-generation Internet services on a modular network core. In particular, I am working on enabling next-generation content delivery (CDN) services on such a network. I previously worked on services and content on wireless, mobile and smartphone platforms - I worked 7DS and BonAHA.

In summer 2009, I interned at Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent in their Holmdel, NJ location. My research work was on building an on-path CDN for intercepting and serving multimedia content on-path.

While at Columbia, I co-authored two U.S. patents (one granted, one pending) and published over ten papers in various IEEE and ACM research conferences.

Patents that I am co-author of:

More information about my research:

Previous Work

I completed my MS degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Florida under Dr. Haniph Latchman. At the University of Florida, I worked on ATSS - Airborne Traffic Surveillance System where I worked on the logistics, as well as the software design of a client-server application framework that would receive signals from the UAV and transmit them over the network. The "client" at the headquarters would receive the signals and switch the video view based on which signal was strongest.

My undergraduate degree at the University of Madras in India. I have been in the US since 2001.

My Spare Time

In my free time, I practice Falun Gong which is based on Truth, Compassion and Tolerance consisting 5 set of exercise and being practiced by 100 million people world wide in over 100 countries.But sadly, the practice is persecuted in mainland China by the Chinese Communist regime.

I was a club officer for the Falun Dafa Club, both at University of Florida and now Columbia University.