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My current work involves developing novel imaging systems that capture new kinds of visual information useful for both computer vision and computer graphics applications.

Flexible Mirror Imaging     (ICCV Workshop on Omnidirectional Vision, Camera Networks and Non-classical Cameras: OMNIVIS 2007)

The field of view of a traditional camera has a fixed shape, which limits how we compose scene elements into an image. We present a novel imaging system with a flexible field of view - the size and shape of the field of view can be varied to achieve the desired scene composition.

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Multiview Radial Catadioptric Imaging for Scene Capture     (SIGGRAPH 2006)

A picture taken by a conventional camera captures the scene from the camera's single viewpoint. In many applications in computer vision and computer graphics, it is desirable to capture the scene from a large number of viewpoints. In this project, we explore a class of imaging systems, called radial imaging systems, that capture a scene from circular loci of virtual viewpoints, in addition to the viewpoint of the camera. We have analyzed the structure of the viewpoint locus, the field of view and the resolution characteristics for this class of imaging systems. We have built radial imaging systems that can, from a single image, recover the frontal 3D structure of an object, generate the complete texture map of a convex object, and estimate the parameters of an analytic BRDF for an isotropic material. In addition, one of our systems can recover the complete geometry of a convex object by capturing only two images.

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I did my Undergrad and Master's (2003) in Computer Science from the International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad in India. There i worked with Prof. P.J. Narayanan and Prof. C.V. Jawahar examining multiview geometry constructs in the Fourier domain.

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