Index of Pictures

20080904-0039 Kyle in Alexander Robertson T-Shirt 20080904-0053 Kyle Outside Alexander Robertson 20080904-0084 Kyle and Nina inside Kindergarten Classroom 20080904-0104 Kyle and his Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Metzl 20080904-0122 Nina Reading to Kyle

20081011-0174 Kyle and Kosi Outside Harmon Train Shop 20081011-0180 Kyle and New Wheels 20081011-0182 Kyle and Train Car 20081011-0188 Kyle and Metro-North Car 20081011-0203 Kyle Examines Undercarriage

20081011-0214 Kyle and a Locomotive 20081011-0218 Kyle and a Locomotive 20081011-0230 Kyle Plays With a Cone 20081011-0239 Kyle and Kosi 20081011-0256 Kyle, Martin, and Stefan

20081011-0264 Kyle Beside Locomotives 20081011-0285 Kyle Dressed as a Lineman 20081011-0305 Kyle and Stefan Working on the Railroad 20081012-0323 Kyle and Stefan atop Bear Mountain 20081012-0332 Bear Mountain Colors

20081012-0334 Fern and Leaves 20081012-0344 Kyle and Fall Colors 20081012-0354 Yellow Tree 20081012-0361 Kyle and Stefan 20081012-0366 Kyle and Stefan

20081012-0420 Kyle on a Carousel 20081012-0437 Kyle About to Kick a Ball 20081012-0442 Peaceful Fall Colors

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