Research Overview

My research focuses on mobile networked systems operating in delay-tolerant or otherwise challenged environments.

Wherever network infrastructure isn't available, can't deliver sufficient bandwidth, or is prone to attack or disruption - techniques are needed to support decentralized algorithms utilizing the communications ability of the nodes themselves to provide an alternate (or complementary) communications infrastructure.

The Frozen Topology of a SCAN Network on Columbia's Campus In addition to exploring how communications in such systems can be enabled, my research examines the interplay between communication and behavior - what types of communication algorithms are needed to support particular mission requirements, and what types of node behaviors can be used enable or enhance communication performance.

My research seeks to address:
  • How information can be communicated in a robust and reliable way when node mobility is unpredictable
  • How distributed communication and behavior can support sophisticated mission goals (e.g., finding trapped victims in a disaster area).
  • How individual mobility decisions can be constrained or directed to provide for more robust communications guarantees.
I aim to develop algorithms and mobile systems that address these questions, while providing the capacity to adapt, reconfigure, and otherwise dynamically and autonomously respond to a wide range of externalities.