The following is an abridged list of some of my favorite hobbies:
  • surfing - CU's actually got a surf team now, unfortunately I've been too busy lately for much surfing.
  • swimming - with the Columbia Masters Swim Team.
  • fermenting & baking - the best things in life come in the smallest packages, particularly yeast and bacteria which I often use to make hard cider, bread, miso, kefir, and yogurt .
  • classical guitar
  • composting & gardening - I recently run an urban composting workshop at the Hazon food conference
  • eating I love food but having become vegetarian when I was 5 it's not always easy for me to find good eats. Looking for a good vegetarian or vegan establishment for enjoyment or exploration? Check out my veggie NYC google map.

Much of my free time is spent with my folks and my wife Linda, who is a professional chef specializing in the most scrumptious whole foods cuisine.

family picture me and mia picture

I also spend much time talking with my brother Danny , who is currently far away, working towards his PhD in Applied Math at the University of Arizona in Tucson. We always enjoy heading out West to visit him and his girlfriend Mia.