Traffic Scheduling and Shaping

DiffServ Work: (Project Swan Song)

"The Cost of QoS Support in Edge Devices: An Experimental Study",
R. Guerin, L. Li, S. Nadas, P. Pan, V. Peris, INFOCOM'99, New York

  This paper investigates the problem of making QoS guarantees
  available in access devices such as edge routers, that are commonly
  deployed in today's IP networks.  The introduction of new
  capabilities such as QoS needs to take place, at least initially,
  within the constraints imposed by the limitations and the
  architecture of these existing systems.  It is, therefore, important
  to identify possible solutions that can deliver the desired
  functional enhancements without impacting performance or requiring
  major upgrades.  In this paper, we propose a specific design
  approach which we explore by carrying out a complete implementation,
  whose performance we then evaluate in the context of an experimental
  testbed.  The results of our experiments indicate that a reasonable
  level of service differentiation, i.e., rate and delay guarantees,
  can be provided with a minimal impact on the raw packet forwarding
  performance of edge devices.  This provides some initial evidences
  that as the Internet backbone is upgraded to support QoS guarantees,
  a similar and necessary enhancement can also be implemented rapidly
  and effectively at the edge of the backbone.

"DiffServ MIB"
F,. Baker, R. Guerin, P. Pan,
December 1998



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