Minimalist, release v2.0
A CAD Package for the Synthesis and Optimization
of Asynchronous Burst-Mode Controllers
Version 2.0 of the Minimalist package is now available, for Linux platforms. Highlights of the new release include:
  1. Core Minimalist Package (release v2.0): updated version

         New Features:
    • pla2verilog:comprehensive back-end translator, (i) produces Verilog (.v) output file,
      (ii) auto-insertion of initialization circuitry
    • bms2ps: improved graphic display for BM specifications
    • bms-verify: comprehensive top-to-bottom verifier, checks functionality and hazard-freedom
    • improved operation: faster operation for state minimization of large controllers

  2. Multi-Level Optimizer (MLO) (release v0.9): comprehensive back-end tool for multi-level logic optimization

         Three key options (can mix-and-match options):
    • Critical Event Optimizer (CEO): performance optimization of critical input-to-output paths
    • gate fan-in restrictions: allows user to specify max fan-in limits of gates
    • negative logic mode: can target implementation using only negative logic gates

  3. The 'bm_decomp' Tool (release v0.9): front-end tool, decomposes large burst-mode specifications

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Minimalist is part of the CaSCADE tool package, a joint project between Columbia University and USC.

The CaSCADE tool package release was made possible by generous support from NSF ITR Award No. NSF-CCR-0086036.

The development of the individual tools in CaSCADE was supported in part by the above NSF grant, and by some additional funding (see each downloaded tool individually for further information).

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