The ATN_OPT Toolset, release v0.1
A CAD Package for the Synthesis and Optimization of
Robust Asynchronous Threshold Networks
Version 0.1 of the ATN_OPT toolset is now available for Linux platforms.
The ATN_OPT toolset is a CAD package for the synthesis and optimization of robust dual-rail asynchronous threshold networks. It takes a single-rail Boolean network as its input, and expands it into an equivalent dual-rail robust asynchronous threshold network as its output. The package applies two powerful optimization steps: (i) relaxation (i.e. mapping some gates to 'eager' implementations), and (ii) technology mapping/cell merger. The tool can also be used for technology mapping/cell merger only (i.e. step (ii)), running directly on an existing dual-rail asynchronous threshold network to further optimize it. In this case, it reads in an unoptimized dual-rail robust asynchronous threshold network, and produces an optimized dual-rail robust asynchronous threshold network.

The package supports various target cost functions, including area, fixed delay, load-dependent delay, power, and delay-area tradeoff. Also, it allows users to set various parameters such as the number of load bins (during delay-oriented technology mapping). Currently, it supports circuit formats (input/output) of: structural VHDL, Verilog netlist and BLIF. For the target cell library, it supports the GENLIB file format.

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ATN_OPT is part of the CaSCADE tool package, a joint project between Columbia University and USC.

The CaSCADE tool package release was made possible by generous support from NSF ITR Award No. NSF-CCR-0086036.

The development of the individual tools in CaSCADE was supported in part by the above NSF grant, and by some additional funding (see each downloaded tool individually for further information).

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