I am with Google

At Columbia University, Computer Science: I have held various appointments such as: Adjunct Professor, Visiting Senior Research Scientist.

I am a computer scientist, cryptographer and information security researcher.

From 2007 till early 2016 and from Mid 2018 I have been with Google Inc.

Previously: I have been an Industry Consultant, working on information security and cryptography,
including Research Scientist, Snap (2016-2018); Director, Advanced Authentication Research at RSA Laboratories.

Previously: I have been VP, Chief Scientist, with CertCo
which is formerly: Bankers Trust E-Commerce (BTEC)).

Previously: I have been with IBM T.J. Watson Research Center,

Ph.D. -- Columbia University, Computer Science.


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A Book

Malicious Cryptography: Exposing Cryptovirology
A content
by Adam Young and Moti Yung
Published by John Wiley & Sons.

The book exposes threats that show how Cryptography can be used as an attack mechanism, which result from combining strong cryptography with malware to attack information systems. Attacks are presented that pit cryptography against cryptography itself by maliciously utilizing cryptographic algorithms to attack implementations of cryptosystems (called kleptographic attacks). The book also details defenses against these types of attacks. This new and unorthodox use of cryptography exploits modern cryptographic notions, constructions, and tools as "dark side" mechanisms (i.e., as methods that increase threats, and perhaps paradoxically, reduce overall system security).

Research Interests

Cryptography, Security, Privacy, Networks and Distributed Systems,
Theory of Computation: Computational Complexity, Randomization, Algorithms(including: Distributed Algorithms, Fault Tolerance)and .
Applications: Secure Computing in the real world/ Cryptography as a tool in web privacy and transactions/ Secure Systems/ Financial/ E-commerce/ Banking/ Secure Web.

Projects at Columbia University

  • Industrial Cryptography (outside Columbia, that is: real, working deployed systems)
  • Public Key cryptography: systems, protocol, applications
  • Security of Cryptographic Primitives
  • Design of Ciphers, Systems and Protocols
  • Distributed Cryptosystems (threshold, proactive..)
  • Cryptographic Protocols
  • Cryptography and Complexity (foundations)
  • Algebraic methods in Cryptography
  • Secret-Ballot Elections
  • Kleptography -- The art of stealing information secretly and subliminally!
  • Digital Rights, Information Hiding
  • Privacy Issues
  • Cryptographic Applications in Network/Systems Security
  • Threats and Countermeasures

Links to Cryptography-Related Topics

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ACNS 2008, to be held at Columbia.
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Links to Other Pages of Interest

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List of some (Ex/current) Graduate Students I co-advised and/or tutored and/or worked with

Matt Franklin
Alain Mayer
Bulent Yener
Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi
Xiangdong Yu
Adam Young
Jonathan Katz
Aggelos Kiayias
Debra Cook
Seung Geol Choi

Also some press coverage:
Harper's Magazine: Science meets Art: discussion with Barry Eisler on ``Fault Line.'' ( the book's web page.)
See newspaper report, early discussions on anonymity: discussion during UWM's day on e-commerce.
A newspaper article: On Cryptolocker ransomware.
A blog article: On how the gov apparently used our subversion idea.
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A newspaper article: The Italian Press.

Contact Information at Columbia University

Address (at Columbia):
Room 465
S.W. Mudd Building,
Computer Science Department,
Columbia University,
New York, NY 10027, USA.
use: my first name at the host:

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