Computer Science W3101 Section 004

Programming Languages - C# (C-Sharp)

Fall 2003

CVN Students Only

Official class information from the Registrar:

    No paper text is required, there are plenty of online resources.
    If you absolutely need a paper textbook, I reccomend the following:
        A Programmer's Introduction to C#
            by Eric Gunnerson, ISBN 1893115623
        New copies are available on Amazon, used ones on

C# Compilers:
    Under Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 or XP, install the .NET Framework SDK
    Under FreeBSD or MacOS X, use the Rotor Shared Source CLI
        I've compiled some instructions on how to get start with Rotor here
        I've also put a compiled copy of Rotor for MacOS X 10.2 here
    Linux users can try to use Mono (I have not tried this myself)
    Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or ME users have got a few options...
        1) use Bochs (or VMware) to get FreeBSD or XP running under emulation
        2) change your OS to Win2K, WinXP or FreeBSD
        3) get a friend with a FreeBSD or MacOS X box to setup Rotor and remote access

Potentially useful links:
Microsoft believes that open source works primarily because of the community,
        so they're trying to build a community as well..
    There are many independent websites dedicated to helping out C# developers...
    These have been contributed by my colleague Gabor... I have not tried them out for myself

Lecture Notes:
    The notes will be updated with bug fixes and new features periodically without warning.
    Download notes in PDF format

Hands-on Exercises:
    Your grade in this class will be determined completely by these exercises.

File Library:
    Numerous files that will be useful in completing the exercises can be found here.
    I have also setup a mirror of the SSCLI Reference Documentation.

    Simon Lok
    Lab: 6LE3 CEPSR
    Office Hours:  By appointment.