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2005 Technical Reports

CUCS-001-05(PS); CUCS-001-05(PDF)
The Virtual Device: Expanding Wireless Communication Services Through Service Discovery and Session Mobility
Ron Shacham, Henning Schulzrinne, Srisakul Thakolsri, and Wolfgang Kellerer
A Uniform Programming Abstraction for Effecting Autonomic Adaptations onto Software Systems
Giuseppe Valetto and Gail Kaiser
Dynamic Adaptation of Rules for Temporal Event Correlation in Distributed Systems
Rean Griffith, Joseph L. Hellerstein, Yixin Diao and Gail Kaiser
CUCS-004-05(PS); CUCS-004-05(PDF)
Genre Classification of Websites Using Search Engine Snippets
Suhit Gupta, Gail Kaiser, Salvatore Stolfo and Hila Becker
CUCS-005-05(PS); CUCS-005-05(PDF)
Adding Self-healing capabilities to the Common Language Runtime
Rean Griffith and Gail Kaiser
CUCS-006-05(PS); CUCS-006-05(PDF)
Manipulating Managed Execution Runtimes to Support Self-Healing Systems
Rean Griffith and Gail Kaiser
CUCS-007-05(PS); CUCS-007-05(PDF)
Internet Routing Dynamics and NSIS Related Considerations
Charles Shen, Henning Schulzrinne, Sung-Hyuck Lee and Jong Ho Bang
P2P Video Synchronization in a Collaborative Virtual Environment
Suhit Gupta and Gail Kaiser
Adaptive Interactive Internet Team Video
Dan Phung and Giuseppe Valetto and Gail Kaiser
CUCS-010-05(PS); CUCS-010-05(PDF)
Rigid Formations with Leader-Follower Architecture
Tolga Eren, Walter Whiteley, and Peter N. Belhumeur
CUCS-011-05(PS); CUCS-011-05(PDF)
A Lower Bound for Quantum Phase Estimation
Arvid J. Bessen
CUCS-012-05(PS); CUCS-012-05(PDF)
The Power of Various Real-Valued Quantum Queries
Arvid J. Bessen
CUCS-013-05(PS); CUCS-013-05(PDF)
802.11b Throughput with Link Interference
Hoon Chang and Vishal Misra
CUCS-014-05(PS); CUCS-014-05(PDF)
Similarity-based Multilingual Multi-Document Summarization
David Kirk Evans, Kathleen McKeown, Judith L. Klavans
CUCS-015-05(PS); CUCS-015-05(PDF)
Multi-Language Edit-and-Continue for the Masses
Marc Eaddy and Steven Feiner
CUCS-016-05(PS); CUCS-016-05(PDF)
A Hybrid Hierarchical and Peer-to-Peer Ontology-based Global Service Discovery System
Knarig Arabshian and Henning Schulzrinne
Improving Database Performance on Simultaneous Multithreading Processors
Jingren Zhou, John Cieslewicz, Kenneth A. Ross, and Mihir Shah
CUCS-018-05(PS) CUCS-017-05(PDF)
Incremental Algorithms for Inter-procedural Automaton-based Program Analysis
Christopher L. Conway, Kedar Namjoshi, Dennis Dams, and Stephen A. Edwards
CUCS-019-05(PS); CUCS-019-05(PDF)
Classical and Quantum Complexity of the Sturm-Liouville Eigenvalue Problem
A. Papageorgiou and H. Wozniakowski
A Hybrid Approach to Topological Mobile Robot Localization
Paul Blaer and Peter K. Allen
CUCS-021-05(PS); CUCS-021-05(PDF)
Optimal State-Free, Size-aware Dispatching for Heterogeneous M/G/-type systems.
Hanhua Feng, Vishal Misra, and Dan Rubenstein
Merging Globally Rigid Formations of Mobile Autonomous Agents
Tolga Eren, Brian D.O. Anderson, Walter Whiteley, A. Stephen Morse and Peter N. Belhumeur
CUCS-023-05(PS) CUCS-023-05(PDF)
Time-Varying Textures
Sebastian Enrique, Melissa Koudelka, Peter Belhumeur, Julie Dorsey, Shree Nayar and Ravi Ramamoorthi
The Appearance of Human Skin
Takanori Igarashi, Ko Nishino, and Shree K. Nayar
Tractability of Quasilinear Problems I: General Results
Arthur Werschulz and Henryk Wozniakowski
Quantum algorithms and complexity for certain continuous and related discrete problems
Marek Kwas
CUCS-027-05(PS) CUCS-027-05(PDF)
Lexicalized Well-Founded Grammars: Learnability and Merging
Smaranda Muresan, Tudor Muresan, and Judith Klavans
Pointer Analysis for C Programs Through AST Traversal
Marcio Buss, Stephen Edwards, Bin Yao, and Daniel Waddington
CUCS-029-05(PS) CUCS-029-05(PDF)
Learning mixtures of product distributions over discrete domains
Jon Feldman, Ryan O'Donnell, and Rocco A. Servedio
CUCS-030-05(PS) CUCS-030-05(PDF)
Agnostically Learning Halfspaces
Adam Kalai, Adam Klivans, Yishay Mansour, and Rocco A. Servedio
Generic Models for Mobility Management in Next Generation Networks
Maria Luisa Cristofano, Andrea G. Forte, and Henning Schulzrinne
CUCS-032-05(PS) CUCS-032-05(PDF)
Parsing Preserving Techniques in Grammar Induction
Smaranda Muresan
CUCS-033-05(PS) CUCS-033-05(PDF)
PachyRand: SQL Randomization for the PostgreSQL JDBC Driver
Michael Locasto and Angelos D. Keromytis
Tractability of quasilinear problems. II: Second-order elliptic problems
A. G. Werschulz and H. Wozniakowski
CUCS-035-05(PS) CUCS-035-05(PDF)
DotSlash: Providing Dynamic Scalability to Web Applications with On-demand Distributed Query Result Caching
Weibin Zhao and Henning Schulzrinne
This technical report number has been reserved.
CUCS-037-05(PS) CUCS-037-05(PDF)
The Pseudorandomness of Elastic Block Ciphers
Debra Cook, Moti Yung, and Angelos Keromytis
CUCS-038-05(PS) CUCS-038-05(PDF)
A General Analysis of the Security of Elastic Block Ciphers
Debra Cook, Moti Yung, and Angelos Keromytis
CUCS-039-05(PS) CUCS-039-05(PDF)
On Elastic Block Ciphers and Their Differential and Linear Cryptanalyses
Debra Cook, Moti Yung, and Angelos Keromytis
Square Root Propagation
Andrew Howard and Tony Jebara
Performance and Usability Analysis of Varying Web Service Architectures
Michael Lenner and Henning Schulzrinne
Approximating the Reflection Integral as a Summation: Where did the delta go?
Aner Ben-Artzi
CUCS-043-05(PS) CUCS-043-05(PDF)
TCP-Friendly Rate Control with Token Bucket for VoIP Congestion Control
Miguel Maldonado, Salman Abdul Baset, and Henning Schulzrinne
A Genre-based Clustering Approach to Content Extraction
Suhit Gupta, Hila Becker, Gail Kaiser, and Salvatore Stolfo
CUCS-045-05(PS) CUCS-045-05(PDF)
Effecting Runtime Reconfiguration in Managed Execution Environments
Rean Griffith, Giuseppe Valetto, and Gail Kaiser
Adaptive Synchronization of Semantically Compressed Instructional Videos for Collaborative Distance Learning
Dan Phung, Giuseppe Valetto, Gail Kaiser, Tiecheng Liu, and John Kender
A New Routing Metric for High Throughput in Dense Ad Hoc Networks
Hoon Chang, Vishal Misra, and Dan Rubenstein
CUCS-048-05(PS) CUCS-048-05(PDF)
Micro-speculation, Micro-sandboxing, and Self-Correcting Assertions: Support for Self-Healing Software and Application Communities
Michael Locasto
Privacy-Preserving Distributed Event Correlation
Janak Parekh
CUCS-050-05(PS) CUCS-050-05(PDF)
Tree Dependent Identically Distributed Learning
Tony Jebara and Philip M. Long
Qubit Complexity of Continuous Problems
Anargyros Papageorgiou and Joseph Traub
CUCS-052-05(PS) CUCS-052-05(PDF)
A Lower Bound for the Sturm-Liouville Eigenvalue Problem on a Quantum Computer
Arvid J. Bessen
This technical report number has been reserved.
CUCS-054-05(PS) CUCS-054-05(PDF)
Multi Facet Learning in Hilbert Spaces
Imre Risi Kondor, Gabor Csanyi, Sebastian E. Ahnert and Tony Jebara
Dynamic Adaptation of Temporal Event Correlation Rules
Rean Griffith, Gail Kaiser, Joseph Hellerstein, and Yixin Diao

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