Columbia University Department of Computer Science

1999 Technical Reports

CUCS-001-99(PS) CUCS-001-99(PDF)
Contributions to the Design of Asynchronous Macromodular Systems
Luis A. Plana
CUCS-002-99(PS) CUCS-002-99(PDF)
Implementing Intelligent Network Services with the Session Initiation Protocol
Jonathan Lennox, Henning Schulzrinne, Thomas F. La Porta
CUCS-003-99(PS) CUCS-003-99(PDF)
Pararover: A Remote Controlled Vehicle with Omnidirectional Sensors
Simon Lok and Shree K. Nayar
CUCS-004-99(PS) CUCS-004-99(PDF)
What is the complexity of surface integration?
H. Wozniakowski and A. G. Werschulz
CUCS-005-99(PS) CUCS-005-99(PDF)
An Experimental Hybrid User Interface for Collaboration
Andreas Butz, Tobias Hollerer, Clifford Beshers, Steven Feiner and Blair MacIntyre
CUCS-006-99(PS) CUCS-006-99(PDF)
CHIME: A Metadata-Based Distributed Software Environment
Stephen E. Dossick and Gail E. Kaiser
CUCS-009-99(PS) CUCS-009-99(PDF)
Detecting and Measuring Asymmetric Links in an IP Network
Wenyu Jiang
CUCS-010-99(PS) CUCS-010-99(PDF)
Programming Internet Telephony Services
Jonathan Rosenberg and Jonathan Lennox and Henning Schulzrinne
CUCS-011-99(PS) CUCS-011-99(PDF)
Information-based complexity and information-based optimization
J. F. Traub and A. G. Werschulz
CUCS-013-99(PS) CUCS-013-99(PDF)
Polycameras: Camera Clusters for Wide Angle Imaging
Rahul Swaminathan and Shree K. Nayar
CUCS-014-99(PS) CUCS-014-99(PDF)
Agent-Based Distributed Learning Applied to Fraud Detection
Andreas L. Prodromidis and Salvatore J. Stolfo
CUCS-015-99(PS) CUCS-015-99(PDF)
QoS measurement of Real Time Multimedia services on the Internet
Wenyu Jiang and Henning Schulzrinne
CUCS-018-99(PS) CUCS-018-99(PDF)
Programming and Problem Solving: A Transcript of the Spring 1999 Class
Kenneth A. Ross and Simon R. Shamoun
CUCS-019-99(PS) CUCS-019-99(PDF)
Transaction Management in Collaborative Virtual Environments
Jack J. Yang, Gail E. Kaiser, and Stephen E. Dossick
CUCS-020-99(PS) CUCS-020-99(PDF)
MINIMALIST: An Environment for the Synthesis, Verification and Testability of Burst-Mode Asynchronous Machines
Robert M. Fuhrer, Steven M. Nowick, Michael Theobald, Niraj K. Jha, Bill Lin, Luis Plana
A Mobile Agent Approach to Lightweight Process Workflow
Gail Kaiser, Adam Stone, and Stephen Dossick
CUCS-023-99(PS) CUCS-023-99(PDF)
Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Advanced Programming Languages WAAAPL'99
Chris Okasaki (Editor)
CUCS-024-99(PS) CUCS-024-99(PDF)
An Optimal Algorithm for Scheduling Reservations in a Bandwidth Market
David P. Olshefski, Li Zhang, Danilo Florissi, Yechian Yemini
CUCS-025-99(PS) CUCS-025-99(PDF)
Generating Natural Language Summaries from Multiple On-Line Sources: Language Reuse and Regeneration
Dragomir R. Radev
CUCS-026-99(PS) CUCS-026-99(PDF)
Topic Shift Detection - finding new information in threaded news
Dragomir R. Radev
CUCS-027-99(PS) CUCS-027-99(PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions about Natural Language Processing - Second Edition
Dragomir R. Radev
BGRP: A Tree-Based Aggregation Protocol for Inter-domain Reservations
P.Pan, E. Hahne, and H. Schurlzrinne
CUCS-030-99(PS) CUCS-030-99(PDF)
Information Extraction and Summarization: Domain Independence through Focus Types
Min-Yen Kan and Kathleen R. McKeown
CUCS-033-99(PS) CUCS-033-99(PDF)
Extracting Relations from Large Plain-Text Collections
Eugene Agichtein and Luis Gravano
CUCS-034-99(PS) CUCS-034-99(PDF)
FiST: A Language for Stackable File Systems
Erez Zadok and Jason Nieh
CUCS-035-99(PS) CUCS-035-99(PDF)
Learning Cost-Sensitive Classification Rules for Network Intrusion Detection using RIPPER
Matthew Miller

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