Columbia University Department of Computer Science

1998 Technical Reports

CUCS-001-98(PS) CUCS-001-98(PDF)
Fast Heuristic and Exact Algorithms for Two-Level Hazard-Free Logic Minimization
Michael Theobald and Steven M. Nowick
CUCS-002-98(PS) CUCS-002-98(PDF)
Synthesis for Logical Initializability of Synchronous Finite State Machines
Montek Singh and and Steven M. Nowick
CUCS-005-98(PS) CUCS-005-98(PDF)
Signaling for Internet Telephony
Henning Schulzrinne and Jonathan Rosenberg
CUCS-008-98(PS) CUCS-008-98(PDF)
Integrating Transaction Services into Web-based Software Development Environments
Jack Jingshuang Yang, Gail Kaiser, Steve Dossick and Wenyu Jiang
CUCS-009-98(PS) CUCS-009-98(PDF)
JPernLite: Extensible Transaction Services for WWW
Jack Jingshuang Yang and Gail Kaiser
CUCS-011-98(PS) CUCS-011-98(PDF)
Pruning Classifiers in a Distributed Meta-Learning System
Andreas Prodromidis, Salvatore Stolfo
CUCS-017-98(PS) CUCS-017-98(PDF)
What is the complexity of Stieltjes integration?
Arthur G. Werschulz
CUCS-018-98(PS) CUCS-018-98(PDF)
Optimizing Selections over Data Cubes
Kenneth A. Ross, Kazi A. Zaman
CUCS-019-98(PS) CUCS-019-98(PDF)
Cache Conscious Indexing for Decision-Support in Main Memory
Jun Rao, Ken Ross
CUCS-021-98(PS) CUCS-021-98(PDF)
Cryptfs: A Stackable Vnode Level Encryption File System
Erez Zadok, Ion Badulescu, and Alex Shender
CUCS-022-98(PS) CUCS-022-98(PDF)
Usenetfs: A Stackable File System for Large Article Directories
Erez Zadok and Ion Badulescu

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