Dr. Alexander Koller

DFG Research Fellow
School of Informatics
University of Edinburgh
- My CV

As of September 2007, I am at the University of Edinburgh. My new homepage can be found here. The page you are looking at is no longer being updated.

Welcome to my homepage at Columbia University, where I am spending the first of two years as a post-doctoral research fellow, funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

My primary research interests are computational semantics and the development of efficient algorithms in computational linguistics. My main line of research is currently efficient sentence generation, but I am also interested in learning semantic information from corpora, and many other topics.

On this website, you can find the list of my publications, some of my recent talks (to the extent that I've had time to put them online), and some software that I've been involved in.

Links to the courses I've taught at Saarbrücken can be found on my old homepage. I'm particularly proud of the talking robots projects I supervised together with Geert-Jan Kruijff.


Columbia University
Department of Computer Science
1214 Amsterdam Avenue, MC 0401
New York, NY 10027
office: 723 CEPSR
phone: +1 212 939 7119
email: koller at cs.columbia.edu
Skype: alexanderkoller
SkypeIn: +1 347 284 6348, +49 6227 830384, +44 131 208 0384
(calls to these numbers will be redirected to my Skype, but will count as regular phone calls for you)


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