this is an old photoGail E. Kaiser is a Professor of Computer Science and the Director of the Programming Systems Laboratory in the Computer Science Department at Columbia University. She was named an NSF Presidential Young Investigator in Software Engineering and Software Systems in 1988, and has published over 150 refereed papers in a range of software areas. Prof. Kaiser's research interests include software reliability, privacy and security, social software engineering, collaborative work, self-managing systems, parallel and distributed systems, web technologies, information management, and software development environments and tools. She has consulted or worked summers for courseware authoring, software process and networking startups, several defense contractors, the Software Engineering Institute, Bell Labs, IBM, Siemens, Sun and Telcordia. Her lab has been funded by NSF, NIH, DARPA, ONR, NASA, NYS Science & Technology Foundation, and numerous companies. Prof. Kaiser served on the editorial board of IEEE Internet Computing for many years, was a founding associate editor of ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology, chaired an ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on oundations of Software Engineering, vice chaired three of the IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, and serves frequently on conference program committees. She also served on the Committee of Examiners for the Educational Testing Service's Computer Science Advanced Test (the GRE CS test) for three years, and has chaired her department's doctoral program since 1997. Prof. Kaiser received her PhD and MS from CMU and her ScB from MIT. See her CV at for details. Her lab's website is


Click to view my "Distinguished Lecture" at the University of Southern California from April 18, 2013.

I will teach COMS E6125 Web-enHanced Information Management in Spring 2014. This year's theme is testing and analysis of web and mobile applications. Attendance and class participation is required. The course will operate in the format of a research seminar. During the first half of the semester, students will be assigned particular topics to present on specific class dates and all students must be prepared to discuss the corresponding topics at every class meeting (tentative reading list). The second half of the semester will be devoted to similar student presentations and demos, but students will select their own topics/projects relevant to testing and analysis of web and mobile applications.

We are seeking new project students for Spring 2014 and beyond. Students who would like to become involved should review the project literature and descriptions, as well as the specific advertisements.

Alex Orso's advice on how to get your paper accepted at a top software engineering conference.

My advice on finding "related work" for conference papers (I'd forgotten about this page until I recently found it cited as suggested reading on a course website at another university)

Prem Devanbu's Review Anti-Patterns.


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