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CUNIX (Columbia University UNIX) is the name of the cluster of login hosts run by CUNIX, and more generally the name of the larger collection of UNIX hosts AcIs manages including the servers for user files, mail, news, web pages, and other services. UNIX is an operating system for multiple-user or "timeshare" hosts.

  If you use CUNIX for courses or other purposes, you should learn some basic UNIX commands. You probably need to do basic tasks like listing out your files, editing files, and changing permissions on files. You may want to learn how to read mail and news on CUNIX.

  The default shell on CUNIX is bash (Bourne Again Shell). A shell is a program that interprets your commands and runs the appropriate programs. The bash shell has a prompt of $ when it is ready for commands. When you are told to "type this command" you type it at the shell prompt.

  Here are valid SSH keys. Make sure they match when you first connect to CUNIX using Putty or ssh.

Programs that give you access to CUNIX servers


  • Putty is a Windows program that lets you connect to CUNIX servers securely.
  • WinSCP allows you to transfer files securely to and from CUNIX servers.

  Mac OS X

  • To connect to CUNIX servers securely, you need to use a program called ssh.
    • No need to download anything as Mac OS X already includes the program.
    • Instructions on how to connect are here.
  • CUIT recommends Fugu for file transfer to and from CUNIX servers.

Text editors

A Quick Guide to Emacs
A Quick Guide to Pico and Pilot
Mastering the VI editor

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