Homework Submission Guidelines

The submission for each homework should include the following files:

1. A (plain ascii) README file including:

your name;

a list and description of all files you are submitting;

a full description of your program and how to run it, including any innovations or clever features we might otherwise not appreciate

all files needed to run your program including source and any data files

2. To submit your homework:

                        $ tar cvf - . | compress | uuencode temp_file | Mail -s "submit cs4705 hwN" amaxwell@cs.columbia.edu

          where N is the homework number (e.g. for Homework 2 this would be "hw2")

After a short time you will get an automatic acknowledgement of your submission. Please note:

If you submit once, and then decide to submit again, your second submission will overwrite the first. All the files from your first submission will automatically be wiped out.