Homework 3:  Critical Essay.


Select 4-5 papers of your choice on a specific topic (look at the J&M bibliography for chapters on topics you are interested in, search the web, or ask Prof. Hirschberg).  Read these, and write a 5-7 page paper comparing and contrasting them.

Present the contribution of each of the papers, discussing their novelty, strengths and weaknesses. Then discuss their similarities and differences. Whenever possible base your comments, observations and conclusions on the text of the papers, your textbook or other resources. Be sure to cite any source you reference -- even indirectly.   Possible topics might be:

new advances in word sense disambiguation (i.e. find some recent papers)

comparing different techniques for pronunciation prediction or part-of-speech tagging

ngram smoothing algorithms

compare several approaches to Machine Translation, summarization, reference resolution

computational models of metaphor


Some samples of essays are:

POS taggers

Word sense disambiguation