Class Contributions:

From Michael Sepulveda: A discussion of E-Rater, an automatic method of scoring essays on standardized tests.

From Vidish:

The article describes how GIs are trying to learn Arabic language and culture using an artificial environment (something like a video-game). Also included in the article is a video link which is quite interesting.

From Joanna Gilberti: some links to building voice-enabled website technologies in voicexml:

voicexml: getting started

developer tools

vendor reports

From Aaron Roth: Trenite on English pronunciation

From Amittai Aviram: Some amusing comments comparing different languages: Essentialist Explanations

From Victor Walker: ViaVoice Comparison: ViaVoice, more on ViaVoice, other articles

From Aaron Leon Roth: Baby Names names

From Jeffrey Cua: text generator passages generation with recursive grammar

From Amittai Aviram: NYT article Voice Recognition Software