CS4706 - HW4 Perception Test - Spring 2006 : Systems Check

Hello and welcome!

During this survey, you will be asked to listen to various sound files.

This survey requires an up-to-date version of Internet Explorer / Mozilla / Firefox, with an "audio/x-wav" plugin, as well as JavaScript capabilities.

It is also suggested that you have a fast Internet connection because the sound files average about 100k in size and might take a while to load.

You should hear a sound file playing right now. If you do not hear it, or if you do not meet the requirements mentioned above, we strongly suggest that you stop now, and do the survey on one of the Windows computers in the Speech Lab. Otherwise, your results may not be stored correctly, and you might have to do it again. If you need to use the lab, please e-mail Agus first to make an appointment.

<BGSOUND SRC="frogs.wav" AUTOSTART=true LOOP=infinite>